Pineapple Collective Azteca Beach Tote Review


Beauties, have you ever felt like a bag was perfect for almost every summer situation? I’m so excited to be collaborating with Pineapple Collective again because not only do they have amazing products, but this bag makes me feel like I’m going to a fiesta……and what perfect timing because Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. 🌸🌺🎉

Who doesn’t love to feel like you’re going to a party every single day? I also really like that this bag could not only be an every day tote, but also beach bag and even a diaper bag.



When I first received this bag, it actually was bigger than I expected and I loved that. The straps are leather and well-made and the material is so sturdy and durable. Now that I have two kiddos I need a bag that can sustain our daily adventures!

Therefore beauties, if you’re looking for a bag that is super versatile, durable and full of personality, then you have to check out pineapple collection and their diverse, gorgeous collection. I absolutely love the prices and the unique styles you will find at Pineapple Collective boutique. I am always looking for pieces that are unique, special, and well-made and that’s exactly the type of items that they carries!!

Here are a few of the fabulous bags 💕 Click here to see more!!

Love you all,

Michelle 💕

Style Counsel App Review + Exciting Surprise


Have you ever been a part of something that you know is making a positive impact on the community and maybe even across the world? Well I am so excited and thrilled to share with you that I have been asked to be a stylist for the Style Counsel app!! You may be asking yourself, what is so inspiring about a stylist, or a Style App…. let me tell you ❤️


“Style Counsel is an app for women to get immediate feedback on their outfits from other women and fashion bloggers.

Not sure if an outfit is right for the office? Or if a dress is too sexy for a first date? Just ask Style Counsel and get immediate and expert advice. Your opinions can also help our users with their style problems – answer real users’ questions and help girls out!

Check us out:

This is what Style Counsel stands for:

Our mission is to make each woman in our community feel confident in how she looks, whether she is going to work, a party or a date. No matter her size, color, style or budget. Traditional fashion magazines have told us that fashion is only for a particular archetype: tall, very thin and very rich. Most women no longer identify with this, which is why women are now following bloggers more and more – because bloggers appear to be real people, living lives that their audiences can realistically aspire to.

We want style, and the confidence that comes with it, to be accessible to anyone who wants it, which is why we have set up a community where women ask all those questions that bug us when we are getting dressed. Not sure if an outfit is appropriate for an interview or for a date? Style Counsel is the place to get genuine and honest feedback, so when you are out, you feel 100% confident in your choice.

The safety of our users comes first, which is why only fashion bloggers and stylists we have approved can comment on the app. We’ve seen the experience that women have had on platforms like Twitter and are determined to be a safe online environment for women. Unlike most technology companies, Style Counsel is ran by women, funded by women and made for women. This is its own uphill battle, but that’s another topic. I think this is why we do things differently, and I think it’s about time.”


Here is a link to a great review Huffington Post gave us in an article about social commerce:

It originated in London but now is fiercely spreading throughout the world as one of the leading style apps. It is helping women feel empowered and beautiful in their own skin, as well as connecting them with reputable stylist across the the world!

Here’s how it works –

1. Download the app,
2. Sign up so you have a username and password
3. Then you upload a picture and ask a question!! There are no dumb questions, so ask away because within a few minutes you will have stylist from all over the world giving you their full attention and expert advice!

So you don’t have to second guess your style decisions anymore, because YOU have the Style Counsel app! Therefore beauties, I’m so excited and honored to work and collaborate with this up-and-coming World renowned style app, Style Counsel. 👉 Their vision and mission completely aligns with my heart and passion to empower and motivate women to know they’re worth and purpose!

I could not be more thrilled with this collaboration. Please go check out the Style Counsel App  ❤️ I will be one of the stylist who is able to give you advice on your fabulous outfits. I cannot wait connect with you in this way, it’s going to be so much fun! I am looking forward to hearing ALL your feedback! I hope you really enjoy this amazing app!!

Love you all!!

Michelle Hammons

NYX “Night On The Town” Make Up Palette Review



This amazing company has been extremely patient, they sent me not only this gorgeous make up palette but lipstick / lipgloss and a pedicure gift certificate! I am so grateful! I received these items a week before I gave birth to our sweet daughter and since I am just now getting back to blogging full-time, I couldn’t wait to share this review. 💋

I just want to give a shout out to Mark for sending me so many great products and making me feel so special!! When I received this NYX “Night On The Town” make up palette, I was blown away by the vibrant and diverse colors and by the rich pigmentation.



In this photo shoot I used very warm tones, the dusty orange colors on my lower lid and in my crease! As well as the brown tones in the corner of my eye and the light cream as a highlight on my brow bone. I love the way my eyes were enhance by these rich colors!

The only thing that I did not love about this palette was the make up applicators, so I just used the ones that I had and they worked perfectly!!!



I also used the contour section for my contouring and I really liked the tone and color it created. It matched really well with my skin tone. Also, there are three different types of highlighters that you can choose, depending on your skin tone! I liked that option, because I absolutely love highlighter!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I am so excited to play around with this palette to create so many different looks!! The great thing about this NYX palette is that I can create daytime looks, as well as vibrate night time looks for a girls night or a date night!! Also 👉Here are some really cool looks that NYX make up artist have created with these vibrant colors!!

Therefore beauties, if you are looking for a palette that you can use for every occasion, I would definitely check out this NYX “Night On The Town” makeup palette!

Click here for more reviews and to order your own, let me know what you think!! 💕

Blessings and huge success your way,

Michelle Hammons

Soothe Shirt Review!


There is nothing that I want more than to soothe my sweet newborn, and this shirt makes it possible to do that without even a carrier. This innovative design encompasses my sweet baby and can hold up to 15 pounds.

When I first tried it, I didn’t know how to put her in so I thought that she was too big. However, I contacted the company and they gave me thorough instructions and even sent a instructional video to teach me how to use this shirt properly. Whenever I watched the video and followed the directions, it was super easy to put my daughter in and take her out of the Soothe Shirt.  Making the Soothe Shirt efficient and very beneficial.


Therefore, new moms out there, I would definitely recommend this shirt. It’s innovative design allows you to wear your sweet baby everywhere you go. The material is well-made, and you can even breast-feed in this shirt!

I also love that it comes in different colors, and can be worn around the house, to my son’s baseball game, or out even out shopping.

If you know someone who is about to have a baby, or you are a new thriving mom, check out their site and order this amazing shirt!!! You will really enjoy it and so will your newborn!!!

Click here to check out the Soothe Shirt ❤️

Love you all,


Floral Maxi Dress Review – Pineapple Collective

I have had so much fun collaborating with Pineapple Collective! Working with different brands and companies has been such a blessing and so fulfilling. Getting to know the the owners and associates of each company has been inspiring, empowering, and life-changing! Beauties, I just want encourage you to seize the day! Embrace each opportunity that comes your way with passion, purpose, and determination! Take time today to invest in the people around you because you never know what type a relationship will develop!!

Also, I am so excited to share my review of this gorgeous dress. The first time I saw this dress I instantly thought it would be perfect for not only Spring but also Fall! The cut, and color make it very versatile.



For a spring and summer casual look I would pair this with strappy sandals, choker, or my favorite Kendra Scott necklace and a floppy hat, however for a date night “look” i would add heels and a nice bold piece of jewelry to spice it up a little bit! Then you could even wear this gorgeous dress in the Fall with some booties and a cute sweater/cardigan!!

Oh my goodness, I can’t get over the endless possibilities!

I paired this gorgeous dress with these cute strappy sandals that I got from Dillards and my Ettika choker, which I am loving this season and then I also put on a floppy hat that I got from forever 21!!!

Pineapple Collective / Forever 21 / Dillard’s / Ettika

Pineapple collective has numerous dresses and tops just like this one. If you like comfortable, well-made clothes that are versatile and you can wear in multiple seasons, then I would definitely suggest you head on over to pineapple collective and check out their inventory. You will absolutely love the clothes and prices!!


Let’s Make Some Memories!!

We absolutely love to try new things, from restaurants to festivals but we are also striving to be wise with our finances, especially now that we have two children. Therefore, I recently started researching fun, family friendly activities in the Houston and surrounding areas, and I wanted to share some of my finds!!

We recently went to the blue bonnet festival, and had such a great time!! This is what sparked my interest to research other activities happening in this area!!


Here are a few of the things I thought looked really interesting. Let me know what you think or if you have tried some of these activities, I would love your feedback!!


For more information about these activities click on this link ❤️

Love you all, hope you’re having a wonderful week and hope you get to enjoy some of these activities!!

Life Hacks For Traveling!


All I know is that traveling with my best friend, has been such an adventure and so much fun! Creating memories and experiencing new things with the ones you love, will create a bond that will last forever! As my husband and I travel to different countries and throughout the United States, we have learned so much about each other, communication and how to embrace every moment! If you are traveling with your girlfriends, your husband or your family, I know that you can benefit from these tips. I was excited to write this blog because summer is coming up and I wanted to give you some essential quick and easy tips that will help make your adventures this summer more enjoyable!!

1. Pick your traveling partners wisely! This is huge, because  The people you travel with  have the potential to make or break your trip, or even your friendship. I know that sounds a little extreme but when you travel, you are put in sometimes stressful situations that will bring out the best or worst in people.
2. If you are a planner, travel with other people who are planners, if you’re spontaneous and like to go with the flow then it is probably best if you travel with people who like to go with the flow as well.

From Las Vegas to Playa Del Carmen, to Cozumel, to Jamaica, to Lake Buchanan, and Alaska,  California, and Florida  we have been so blessed to travel with such amazing people!!
3. Even though I’m giving you this advice, my husband and I have learned to enjoy every moment, even if we are traveling with planners or people who are more spontaneous, we CHOOSE to embrace the moment! We just love adventure and we love people! But if you are an extreme planner or you are very spontaneous, then your trip might be a frustrating experience if you travel with someone opposite of your personality!


Guatemala, Sail Fishing

4. Do not overpack, that is something that I’ve struggled with my whole life. We will go for a four-day trip and I’ll pack seven pairs of shoes just in case…….PLEASE LEARN from me!! Do not do that, instead get on Pinterest and figure out how to pack to be super cute but efficient, because you never know what you might find and want to bring back!

5. Plan at least one day to relax! We have gone on many vacations where we pack them full of adventure, but forget to take time to relax, so we have learned that no matter where we go we will spend at least one day relaxing and enjoying the moment.

Love you all, and hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think and send me your best traveling tips, I would love to hear them!!!

HOW TO Fall Back in LOVE!!


How to fiercely love your spouse!!!

After talking to my husband and sharing my heart about my passion to see marriages flourish, I felt such a huge weight of responsibility to empower people to love their spouse with a fierce, unconditional love!! It is time that we stop fighting against each other and start fighting for our marriages!!!

I want to create a community of people that can hold each other accountable, pray for each other and empower each other to stand strong and trust that God is in control, even when you feel like there’s no hope!!!!


You can rekindle the fire you once had when you first got married, BUT it is essential that you remember why you fell in love and what brought you and your spouse together!!

Here are a few tips that will be very helpful to rekindle the fire in your marriage!!!

IMG_2648Listen first, speak later
– I heard a message a few years ago that has stuck with me and brought me an entire new perspective.
– I have learned that before I think something, I have to remind myself to W.A.I.T. Which stands for why am I talking, lol what is the purpose of the statement that I want to make? Will it bring hope and life or will it bring distrustion to my relationship?

Always humble yourself and Be the first to apologize

Forgive easily

Love with your words and actions

Speak life and hope over yourself, spouse and marriage

Stop complaining about yourself to others

Stop comparing your spouse to other people

Choose to love them exactly as they are

Focus on the good


DIY Easter Decorations

Beauties everywhere, Who else is obsessed with DIY Projects? We love them at our house, especially now that we have two kiddos. It is so much fun to create projects and start new traditions with our sweet babies. Therefore, I’m so excited to add this new category to my blog!

What are your favorite DIY projects with your kids, and what are some traditions that you have for Easter?

We want to not only share the good news about Christ redemption and restoration but also start new traditions!!!

I looked up some fun DIY projects on Pinterest and I’m so excited to try them out and to share them with you. Please share with me some of your fun traditions or DIY, we would love to try them out!

100 Cheap & Easy Easter DIY Decorations – Prudent Penny Pincher