Lula Roe Jill Skirt Review


Connecting with this amazing company was completely divine. I couldn’t wait to share with you a little bit of the backstory! Here’s a brief synopsis.

Our sweet family went with our cousins camping in our new fifth wheel in Johnson City, my cousin saw Megan Parker’s Lula Roo camper and had to go check it out. We literally walked down there at 10 o’clock at night and surprisingly the doors were open. McKenzie was amazing and let us come in and told me that she recognized me, and then we discovered we actually went to college together!!! The crazy thing is, she lives in Boston now, and we almost didn’t go on this trip.


I do not believe in coincidence, so I knew we reconnected for a reason! I’m so honored and excited to build a relationship with McKenzie, Meagan, and the Lula Roe brand! I will be sharing four different outfits, over the next month and I can’t wait for you to see how cute, unique, and personalized they are!

I will also be sharing the backstory about how Meagan has started her company, and how she’s gained so much success! πŸ‘‰ Women everywhere, I know that you’re going to want to catch the next few blogs to be inspired about how to be a successful entrepreneur and this digital age! I’m sure Meagan has some great tips and advice just for you!

Today, I am sharing a review on this gorgeous pleated Jill skirt! I love all of the unique patterns that Lula Roe offers! This skirt is so cute and is the perfect transition piece from summer to fall! Because of the gorgeous rich hues, you can transition this piece to the fall with cute layers.


I wanted to show two looks with the skirt, I paired thisΒ gorgeous Jill Skirt with a graphic T, choker, dangling earrings and chunky bracelet. Both looks were so simple and easy to accomplish. I first knotted my shirt and wore my skirt long, secondly I tucked in my graphic T and nodded the skirt to the side. I loved this because it seems like a perfect look for a gorgeous, yet HOT summer day!


I truly believe that the skirt would look fabulous on everyone because it is flowy and sophisticated!!

Make sure to follow all of their links to stay up-to-date with the amazing deals and Discounts!!



5 Creative Ways To Stay Hydrated!

Ever since I can remember, I have been a part of athletics events and sports competitions, from basketball, to volleyball, to soccer, I absolutely loved team sports. I learned at a very young age that staying hydrated is essential to be at optimal health for staying in shape. I have carried this lesson into every aspect of my life, and I couldn’t wait to share with you some creative ways to stay hydrated this summer.



Here are 5 creative ways to stay hydrated!

1. This one is super basic, but I found that it works for me. Use a cute water bottle, jug or a container to put your water in. I have found that if I have bright colors around me, the colors catch my eye, and I remember to drink water.

2. Eat your fruits and veggies. I am so excited to share this fun fact with you. Here are 5 fruits/veggies that are made up of over 90% water.
Strawberries 92% Water
Watermelon 92% Water
Red tomato 94% Water
Cucumber 96% Water
Zucchini 95% Water

3. Infuse your water with fun fruit combinations πŸ‘‰ One of my favorite fruit infused water recipes is the combination of pineapple, lemon, lime, and strawberry! OMG it’s so good!


4. Start juicing your veggies and fruits! This is another way to stay hydrated and gain optimal nutrition! I did another blog post on juicing, all about the juicer we use and some recipes that we like to use as well! We have seen a huge difference in our energy level since we started juicing.

5. Finally, if you just do not like the taste of water, I would encourage you to start drinking flavored sparkling water. Personally, I did not like this until I tasted this specific brand and this specific flavor, it literally taste like Sprite and my family loves it!

So if we could just consume a few of these items on a daily basis, we would be consuming more water and more nutrients.

I hope you enjoy these tips and let me know if you have other creative ways to stay hydrated this summer! πŸ’•

Love you all!



Crisscross Tie Back Dress Review

I couldn’t wait to bring this gorgeous crisscross tie back dress on one of our family vacations this summer. We went to stay at our family Beachhouse in Galveston and I knew I had to bring this gorgeous black and white striped dress.





When I put this gorgeous dress on, the first thing I noticed was the material. It is so comfortable, silky and smooth and has a great flex. I was presently surprised at how much it flattered my figure and I feel that due to the material and cut, this dress would flatter most figures. I also love the rushing on the back, it is so cute! I can’t get over it. My husband loves the dress as well and couldn’t wait to take me to dinner.

The only thing that I was a little concerned about, was the sheerness of the fabric. It was pretty see-through so I wore it as a cover-up over my bathing suit, and it was perfect! If you want to wear it for a night out, or for a date night, I would definitely wear a slip under it so that it’s not completely see-through.

This dress is so cute and at such a reasonable price. Check out now to get this dress and check out all the other cute items!!


I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of this dress!!

Lace Trimmed Kimono Review For

Hope you’re having an amazing day, I couldn’t wait to share this with you πŸ‘‰ This gorgeous white lace trimmed kimono is such a beautiful piece. The delicate fabric is so soft and comfortable, and the gorgeous lace trim adds elegance and beauty. These intricate details make this piece so unique and special.


I really enjoyed collaborating with in order to showcase this gorgeous kimono. I paired this gorgeous piece with a funky summer dress, caramel belts and headband! I love to mix and match pattern, and textures and I loved the way this outfit flowed together. Remember, that when you are putting your outfits together, they don’t have to match perfectly they just have to go together! Just don’t take yourself too seriously, have fun with your wardrobe!

Also, I couldn’t wait to share this photo shoot with you guys because this shoot felt like a dream. We were so lucky to find this gorgeous field of sunflowers! Have any of you ever danced in a field of wildflowers, or sunflowers and felt overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounded you? Well, that is exactly how I felt! Kind of like I was in the movie lol

Therefore Beauties, I want to encourage you to take a break today, turn on some music, let any overwhelming thought go and just start dancing! Embrace the moment because time is a gift, and it is essential that we live in the precious present! Hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoyed this Review, love you guys!!

Coral Reef Cover Up Review + 5 places we can’t wait to visit!

Beauties, this is seriously the best cover up you’ll ever own! It isn’t super fancy or full of fill or lace, but the saying on it is super cute and it is so comfortable!! I have not only worn this cover up at the beach, but also at the lake, at the pool, and I’ve even worn it with jeans, off the shoulder with a cute choker! Also, since I’m nursing my sweet daughter, this is the perfect shirt for that as well! I can’t say enough about the quality and the functionality of this cover up!!


It obviously is one of my favorite new items for the summer, and I think that all of you would absolutely love it as well!! I saw this type of cover up last summer and I really wanted one and when Coral Reef Swimwear and I decided to collaborate, I was thrilled at the fact that they had this specific cover up!

This amazing boutique has some of the cutest summer must have pieces from super trendy one pieces to fabulous Cover ups!! They have some of the cutest, well priced items I have seen.

You have to go check them out! Their prices are super reasonable and their suits and coverups are worth every penny!!

– Plus, I couldn’t wait to share with you five of the places we are planning on going in the next year!!
– Costa Rica, Ireland, Israel, Orlando, Cancun
– Have you ever been at his place is, if so do you have some traveling tips or ideas??

Love you all and can’t wait to hear all your traveling tips, hope you enjoyed this review!



Poppy And Dot Fourth Of July Dress Review

This dress is absolutely perfect for me! My husband always tells me that he thinks this is one of my favorite dresses, and he is right. It has definitely become one of my favorites because of the material, the cut, and the style. I love the flowy elegance yet soft jersey like material. Thank you Poppyanddot for sending me this gorgeous dress!


I couldn’t wait to share this with you, because beauties, it has pockets!! Flowy + comfy + pockets = perfection! Seriously, I think this dress would look great on everyone. The only thing that I noticed, was that it was a little long in length, I am wearing a small in this picture so if you are a petite build, you might have to hem the bottom so it fits your stature.

However, if you are 5′ 6″ and taller, the length would be perfect, and you could even wear it with some wedges. I also felt like it was a little see-through, so I just wore a little cute slip under and it was perfect!

I paired to this gorgeous dress with a cute textured cream belt, and a necklace that mimicked the neckline. I have learned that wearing a necklace that mimics the neckline, is always flattering! I also wore flat nude sandals. It was super simple to style of this dress. I feel like it can be worn more casual or dressy. To the beach or to dinner with your significant other!

I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to hit up Poppydot and follow their Instagram! They have the coolest feed. You shop right through their Instagram page! Check them out here, I know you will love so many of their styles!


Love you guys, see you tomorrow! πŸ’•



10 Benefits Of Coconut Water!

Hey beauties, I absolutely love coconut water! One of my friends started drinking it a few years ago and she let me have one of her bottles, and since then, I’ve been hooked!! I fell in love with the tastes and benefits of coconut water!


After feeling the positive effects of drinking coconut water, I wanted to do some research and share with you all how coconut water can improve your life.

Here are 10 facts that I found through “Coconut Water For Health and Healing” by Dr. Bruce Fife

1. Prevent cancer
2. excellent rehydration sports drink
3. Helps with hair growth
4. Balances blood sugar
5. Boost energy levels
6. Relieve constipation
7. Natural diuretic
8. Improves blood cholesterol levels
9. Enhances immune system
10. Aids in kidney function

If these facts do not encourage you to drink coconut water, I do not know what will! My husband did not love the taste at first, so I found different brands that carry flavored coconut water. He likes the pineapple flavored coconut water the best!

Recently, I have also found Popsicles that are coconut water flavor!! They are a great snack for our sweet son after he has been playing outside, jumping on the trampoline or swimming!

Love you all, hope you’re having amazing day!!



Gorgeous One Piece Review For Coral Reef Swim

This suit is so beautiful and classic. I absolutely love that one pieces are coming back in style! πŸ‘‰ This gorgeous white and black striped, off the shoulder one piece bathing suit, with ruffle details…. has become one of my new favorites!!! πŸ’•πŸ‘‡



This is a super flattering suit because the stripes on my body are vertical. If you are looking to elongate and slim down your mid section, then look no further…..this suit is for you! It is so comfortable and flattering, I can’t get over the design and details!! The cut is perfectly design for all body types and I know that you will love it!!

**Plus here are 10 great summer benefits from eating GINGER that will help you slim down and recharge your health this summer πŸ‘‰ I have been loving ginger and had to share!!**

1. Helps with weight loss
2. Relieves tired muscles
3. Improve circulation
4. Helps fight cancer
5. Relieves gas
6. Blocks heartburn
7. Fights infection
8. Clears skin
9. Helps with morning sickness
10. Strengthens immune system

If you have never tasted ginger, it is a little spicy, but you can put it in your smoothies, drink it in tea and you can even add it into your meals. Β I love to drink lemon ginger tea, it’s so refreshing and it helps relieve bloating.

Therefore beauties, I have loved collaborating with Coral Reef Swim Boutique to showcase this gorgeous suit! They also have so many more styles that will flatter any figure!! Beauties! πŸ‘‰ Make sure that you follow them on Social Media to get great deals and discounts.

Thank you @coralreefswim for sending me this fabulous suit!! Full detailed review on my #blog #beautylifecoach however you can get 15% off now by using my exclusive code πŸ‘‰

Love you all and hope you enjoy your discount! πŸ’•

Beverly Swimwear Review

One thing I absolutely love about collaborating with Beverly Swimwear, is the fact that their gorgeous suits are so versatile! I truly believe that this company has a suit for every body type.


I wanted to show two looks from Beverly Swimwear. The top and the high waisted bottoms are from Beverly Swimwear and this is definitely a new look for me. However, since this is on trend, I wanted to try it out and show you guys how cute it is! My husband even loved this look ❀️ Beverly swimwear has so many cute styles that you can mix and match to create the suit that is perfectly fitted for your body type!!

With the second look, I paired the Beverly Swimwear top with some of my favorite Victoria’s Secret bottoms. I thought it would be fun to mix and match these two pieces to add color and interest. Honestly, I feel more comfortable in these bottoms because they’re similar to the ones I usually wear, but I also liked the high waisted ones.




Which style do you like the best? Definitely follow Beverly swimwear on all their social media outlets for a great deals, discounts and style inspiration!

Here are a few other styles, check them out here and let me know what you think. Have you ever tried a high waisted bathing suit, and what are your favorite one piece suits? I would love to try new styles out!

For MORE INSPIRATION and motivation check out some of my other post here πŸ‘‰β€οΈ