Choose Wisely!

I believe that choosing a spouse is one of the most important decisions that we will ever make!!

Because, our spouse will bring “life” into our dreams, hopes, and desires or they will bring “death” to our innate design through their words and actions!!

This is why it is ESSENTIAL that we not only look at who the person is today but who they are working to become, and then examine ourselves as well.

Asking our self…. will I be OR am I a spouse that infuses and instills truth, joy and peace into the relationship? Or because of past hurts, will I OR do I bring a bag FULL of guilt, shame, accusation and pain?

Praying that you have wisdom in every decision that you make and that your eyes would not be blinded by the appearance of good, but that you would see clearly!!!

You deserve the best and your spouse deserves YOUR best!!

#bestlife #bestmarriage #love #sacrifice #hope #beauty

Photography: Lacey Payton Photography

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