Find Your Hope!


In a society where every commercial, movie or advertisement seems to be over sexualized, we are being subjected to a very CLEAR message!!!

That our worth, hope, acceptance, value and LOVE comes from being promiscuous….which leads to the bedroom!

There is no hope, only heartache when we give away our most valuable gift….ourselves.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen you can find true fulfillment and satisfaction through Christ! The LOVE you have been searching for, has been pursuing you from the beginning!!

Gods redeeming love, acceptance, value, hope, and peace will empower YOU to wait for the one who will value YOU and see your worth!!!

You are PRICELESS AND PERFECT JUST AS YOU ARE!!! Don’t give into the lies that proclaim anything different!! #value #worth #truth #romans5:8 #Ephesians2:5


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