Beauty Queen Of The Week Lisa Arnold

Tell me about yourself, I can’t wait for the audience to know you the way I do, what do you like to do in your free time and what is one of your hobbies?


I love to shop..Go fishing with my drive and looking at house decor..go to movie with my hubby..My hobbies are studying the bible.. Playing piano..

What are the three things that are most important to you? Three most important things

To me is 1. My relationship with God 2. My Family spending quality time and leaving a legacy 3. Sharing Jesus to everyone.


Do you think it’s important to set goals and dream big dream?

Yes.. I believe it is because with out a goal vision we Perish we will never thrive and to Dream big because we serve a big God and he is more than able..

What is your vision for your future?

To tell the World about Jesus this generation and make a difference in life.


When did you know you were called to do this?

When I first led someone to Jesus What were the defining moments in your life that helps you realize you’re calling and potential to change the world for the better? When I was in bible school I prayed 3 to 4 hours a day God birth a passion in my heart to win the lost.. Something I can’t never get rid of.


Who is your greatest inspiration?

Billy Graham .. I love how he led many Christ.. And he never wavered from his calling.. He was always faithful. Who has influenced you the most and

What is the greatest lesson you learned from them?

My husband has influenced my life .. Seeing him everyday serve God people.. And his relationship with God.. And his pure heart inspires me to be more Christ like.. Debra George.. How passionate she is to tell people about Jesus.. I learned to not be shy but bold.. And my spiritual father Pastor Jeff to have a heart for Gods people.. To serve Gods people.


What does being a beauty queen mean to you?

Favor is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman fears the Lord shall be praised I believe true beauty starts from the heart.

What inspires you to live with passion every single day?

My relationship with God.. And wanting to please him.


How do you use that passion to make your dreams come true?

Tell people about Jesus..give them hope.. Follow his voice and obey him no matter where it leads me.

What is a quote or saying that you live by?

He who wins souls is Wise..

Through the ups and downs of your life what is the greatest lesson that you have learned?

To completely rely on God trust in him with all my heart.. And not lean on my own understanding.. Always acknowledge him.. Because he will direct my path.


What advice would you give the beauty queens reading this interview about following their dreams?

To believe what Gods says is true. Dare to believe..he will do Exceedingly Abundantly Above what we could ever imagine! God is for you not against you.. When you realize that Gods favor on your life you’ll never live in defeat.

Love you all,

Michelle Hammons

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