Are You A GOAL Digger?


Tips on how to set goals this year!! 

I am a GOAL DIGGER…..Are you?

I am a fanatic about setting goals and I want everyone else to be as well because it literally breaks my heart knowing that people will not live out their greatest desires and dreams because of BAD PLANNING.

BUT there is hope!!

 I’m going to give you Goal Setting Tips and examples of some the goals that I have set for 2016. I started with an outline and writing this took about 15 minutes but then I spent about three hours filling out my outline by writing specific things I wanted to work on this year and ways I would make them a reality. (It probably wont take you as long…I am kinda a Goals Setting Nerd)
I know how important it is to my desired result for the end-of-the-year to write out my vision for each of these areas and make them plain so I’m accountable to my goals!!
 Are your dreams and goals worth three hours of your time to sit down and make a plan so that YOU will have strategic focus for 2016?

Here is the an example of the outline. 

When starting your outline, remember that it is very important to ask yourself why you are writing these goals what is the desired result that you are seeking to achieve by the end of each week, each month, and by the end of the year?

Goals for 2016! 


1. Relationships
     – God, family, friends, coworkers
2. Health 
     – How do I want to improve my health each month and then what is my desired result for the end of the year
3. Home
     – Goals with laundry, cooking, cleaning lol I’m not joking, I literally need to make goals for these things
4. Church/worship team/voice training 


1. Speech therapy
2. Life coaching
     – Speaking
     – Writing books
     – Blogging
     – Hosting Conferences
          – Marketing strategy
3. Women Of Now 
4. Real estate with my hubby
5. Finish everything for our nonprofit, by the end of January
OK everyone, these are some of my very general goals and I’ve given you a look into some of the things that I will be working to achieve this year.
 I want to remind you that in this example I did not go in to each category and strategically plan each action item to make these goals a reality.
However I have done this AND YES it takes time, but are you worth it!!
How are you going to live your life this year, because of the time will pass and by the end of the year will you be able to say you have accomplished the dreams and desires you had set in your mind for this year?
I truly believe that if you do not take the time to write or type them, make a strategic plan, and have laser focus, then they will not come to pass.
I just want to encourage you to know you’re WORTH! It to take time to dream big and plan accordingly, I can’t wait to see all you’re going to accomplish this year!!!
For more tips on how to write strategic goals for this year, check out this site now! I LOVE THIS SITE
Love you all,
Michelle Hammons

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