The HOT List For Your Face


It is no secret that I love to play with make up, there are always new techniques, new products and amazing make up artist to stock on YouTube. lol

No, I’m just joking, but I do enjoy watching make up tutorials. Therefore beauties, here is the HOT list for your face this season. If you’re looking to save, splurge or learn about these product, check this LIST out.
Typically every day I use a bronzer. My favorite bronzer right now is the Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection, because it is only $3.99 and if I am going to be using bronzer ALL over my body, then I’ll typically go with this one!
Listen ladies, here is a 1 million dollar secret, when you are wearing a dress, adding a little bronzer to your legs not only enhances your muscle tone but it also adds a nice shimmer that gives the illusion of hose….or Fabulous LEGS. No matter what time of year it is, I always feel beautiful with a little bronzer. For me, having the ability to sport a summer tan all year long, is a must!!
What product do you use every day? Let me know, I would love to chat!!
Love you all,
Michelle Hammons

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