Embrace The Rain!

Learn how to embrace every single moment, even when things do not go as planned.


My beautiful and wonderful friend Sarah planned her gorgeous, winter wonderland wedding outside under a stunning white tent, her vision was complete except for the fact that the weather forecast indicated that there was 100% chance of rain on her wedding day. She had the choice to either change venues last minute or to literally dance in the rain.

She chose to stick with the original plans despite the threat of a thunderstorm ruining her BIG day. All of the bridesmaids supported her decision and we let loose!! 🎉❤️ As our wedding shoes flew off, our feet got muddy, and our dresses got dirty,  but we enjoyed every minute!! We all danced in the rain! Even as the ground started to flood, we embraced every moment and celebrated two of our favorite people and closest friends!!!


Therefore, amazing beauty queens, I just want to encourage you to take on Sarah’s brave attitude, that even when the rain comes, it’s essential that we continue moving forward with a positive perspective because as we do, it enables others to embrace the vision and do the same!!!

Instead of giving up because there are rain clouds coming your way, take your shoes off and let it rain!!!

Love you all and hope you were encouraged,

Michelle Hammons

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