19 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners


I have so many girlfriends who HATE putting on eyeshadow, because they struggle daily to find the right color, the right brush, and the right technique….. Ladies, I completely understand that the STRUGGLE is real!!
Girls, don’t worry!! I got your back and your eyelids!!! đź’•
Whenever I was 16, I started modeling and the first photographer I worked with gave me a professional make up book, and since then I have been fascinated with all of the ways that make up can be used to enhance our natural beauty!
I’ve been practicing different techniques since I was 16, so if you start using some of these tips this weekend and you’re not able to master certain techniques right away, don’t worry, just take it one step at a time!!
Therefore Beauties, do not give up, instead, check out 19 super helpful eye make up tips to help beginners.
Love you all and hope you are encouraged,
Michelle Hammons



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