HOW TO Style Big Sweaters!


I don’t know what is more fun, having a photo shoot on a

farm or shooting with one of my closest friends?

Modeling with my gorgeous, and talented friend Tiffany Martin was definitely the highlight of this photo shoot, but being on this fabulous farm, was a close second. We had so much fun playing in the mud, literally…. and laughing the entire time.


This sweet little mama is not only gorgeous but she is also pregnant! When my husband and I get pregnant, I hope to look exactly like her! After having her first child, within two weeks she had her eight pack back… Lol I’m not kidding, amazing genes run in her family!!
Speaking of a jeans…. aren’t YOU loving our fabulous tattered jeans? We both love this distressed look and I am wearing a lighter washed pair from American Eagle (who is running a buy one pair of jean and get the next pair 50% off) and she is wearing a darker wash, that she got at Ross. Yes ladies, we shop everywhere and we love to find great quality items for GREAT prices!
I have combined this olive sweater from Express with a cream baby doll shirt from Forever 21, with one of my favorite caramel belts from Dillards.
I paired this outfit with my caramel color booties because they are super comfy and they tie in with my caramel belt. I’m usually not SuperMatch, but I thought that the combination looked great. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match colors or patterns because it’s fun to add texture and personality to your outfit!
Tiffany is wearing this gorgeous Pashmina scarf,  her gorgeous tan sweater from Gap and her fabulous stilettos that she bought at Target.
AND Remember to NOT ever compare your body, figure, style, personality or purpose to anyone else. You are created with a unique and special purpose, so I encourage you to EMBRACE your own beauty and to let your LIGHT shine!!
You are Perfect Just As YOU are!! I hope that you are encouraged, Love you ALL,
Michelle Hammons
Photography: Choice Arts Photography
Model: Tiffany Martin
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