Learn HOW TO show a ‘Lil Love’

Having the passion, the purpose and the determination to impact a community for the better, are priceless qualities that the beautiful Erica and her husband Logan possess.
They have started a movement to shift negative mindsets in order to empower the people in their community to live every day with a positive perspective!
The Amazing Power Couple Logan and Erica Crawford
I have had the honor and privilege of collaborating with these two world changers and I’m so excited to share my experience.  They’re both patient, kind, determined and intently taking steps to make your dreams a reality.
I absolutely love the fact that they do not allow fear to hold them back. They face it each day filled with hope, knowing that God has an amazing purpose and plan for their lives. They use each moment to empower others to break free from complacency in order to make your dreams a reality!!!
As I wear these shirts, I not only feel super cute and comfy but I am reminded to show a “Lil Love” to everyone that I meet.  Life is precious and it is essential to live everyday with a clear purpose and a positive perspective.


Therefore beauties, I also love that the shirts are versatile. You can wear them to work out or put a statement necklace with them and wear them to dinner. Either way, you are spreading the message to share love, hope, compassion and inspiration to EVERYONE you meet.
Feel free to write them about how much you love their mission and movement and then OF COURSE, spread a Lil LOVE and order some shirts! ❤
I know they will really appreciate it, love you all hope you were inspired, encouraged, and empowered to follow your heart and break free from complacency today!!!
Michelle Hammons

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