The Power Of Layering!

I love to wear hats, boots, scarves, and LAYERS!
I LOVE “layers” because they always have my back and they ALWAYS cover up flaws! Ahh I am kind of obsessed with the power of layering!


The “power of the layering” is super simple, remember to find pieces that fit your body. DO NOT COMPARE YOUR BODY to anyone else’s, because you are beautiful, and perfect just as YOU ARE…….. and comparison is the quickest way to LOSE joy!
WARNING- shopping can be very emotional, because we are faced with a mirror that shows our flaws which accentuates our vulnerabilities. BUT BEAUTIES, it’s time to change the culture, it’s time to take back our confidence and to not be ashamed of our bodies!!! Instead, we have to embrace every imperfect, beautiful, quirky, and weird parts of our bodies because as we do, this will enable others to do the same!!!
Also, I think trends are fun but I do not follow ALL of the trends because either it’s not my style or the trend is for a specific body type. Therefore,  don’t feel like you need to follow every trend. Find quality pieces that fit your body type and then you can add trendy accessories to update your look!
I would suggest to not splurge on sweaters or scarves but instead invest in a really good coat that is SUPER comfy and of course cute. Then also invest in good pair of boots! I love these two tone boots that got on sale at Rue 21. Typically I will spend more on my shoes, because I know how important it is to have quality footwear. However Rue 21 has super cute boots and these were on SALE, buy one get one 50% off! Therefore beauties, I could not pass up this amazing deal AND I actually got two pairs of boots for less than $50. This cute Hat is from Rue 21 as well!

I got this super cute cream sweater at Old Navy and I got this gorgeous maroon checkered scarf at Old Navy as well!! Both of these pieces are two of my favorite staples that I mix and match to make numerous outfits!

My heart in prayer is that you feel motivated and inspired to go and find unique pieces that fit your personality and your body type. I want all of you to know that you’re perfect just as you are and that it is essential for you to love your self boldly so that others can follow your lead!!!

It’s time to change the culture of self hate and comparison to LOVE AND Truth!!!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, called to a specific, beautiful purpose that only you can accomplish!!
Love you All,
Michelle Hammons

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