Beautiful Valentines Dress Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I believe it is so important to find the perfect dress, that FITS your body perfectly!!! This sweet little number that I’m wearing is a Calvin Klein dress that I absolutely love!!


Here are the details for my outfit!

Dress – Calvin Klein $80

Fabulous black stilettos – Forever 21 $24

Necklace – Dillards $19

Headband – Forever 21 $7
Black clutch – Dollar General $8
If you were going to splurge on the item for this special day, I would suggest and recommend splurging on an item that’s going to be a staple piece in your closet. My favorite color is turquoise so I splurged a little bit on this piece not only because I LOVE the color but because according to the color chart, rich colors and jewel tones look good on people with my skin tone and hair color.
If you’ve never looked at a color chart or found the colors that look best with your hair and skin tone I am going to be posting a color chart on my blog tomorrow! Stay Tuned Beauties! 
I also loved the cut of this dress! When buying a dress, remember to find the perfect cut for your body. I like to emphasize my waist with dresses or clothes that accentuate that area of my body. My husband also likes the fact that I do this. (also, I just started doing a new exercise routine that helps strengthen my core but also tighten my waist as well!! FUTURE post about this exercise coming soon!)
Also, I always need to be prepared in this Texas weather for a random drop in the temperature, therefore I would pair this sassy dress with this fabulous leather Jacket. I created balance with the GOLD details.
Love you all and I am so excited to share more Valentines Looks with you this week!!
Michelle Hammons

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