10 Must Haves For Your Purse!


Beauties, it never hurts to be prepared!! ❤️ I would much rather be over prepared and overdressed then under prepared and underdressed. Therefore, I have developed certain habits to help me stay ready for any occasion!!!

A lot of my friends tell me that I have a “Merry Poppins bag” because I always have the essentials that ALL beauties should carry with them in order to be prepared for EVERY situation!



1. deodorant, perfume
2. phone
3. floss, sometimes a Toothbrush
4. I always have GUM
5. A small hair brush, bobby pins
6. powder, bronzer, concealer
8. lip liner, lipstick, lipgloss
9. eyeliner, mascara, eyelash glue
10. nail glue, Q-tips

I also typically keep up a pair of jeans, a sassy shirt and heels in my car. Just in case we plan a fun girls night out or a date night and I don’t have time to go home!!

I know that some of this may seem a little excessive….. however, I use to play competitive basketball and volleyball, and I did a lot of acting and I learned to always be prepared for every occasion. I started pre-packing my car just in case I needed to have a certain look for an audition, had a girls night out or a date night!

Remember to always be prepared and ready because beauties, life is a sweet, satisfying adventure. I hope that you embrace every moment today!!!

Love you all,

Michelle Hammons

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