Beauties, from Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter, we have officially reached over 40,000 followers and I am so honored and blessed to share hope with YOU everyday!! ❤️❤️


You can and you will start walking in your call this year. You have been pre-destined for a great purpose, that only you can accomplish. You are equipped with unique and special gifts. Specifically designed and designated to impact the community in a positive, purposeful way.

After talking to one of my friends this morning, I was inspired to empower you to look at fear with a new perspective. That FEAR is not only false evidence appearing real, but a diversion to keep you from moving forward. A distraction that steals joy, hope, peace, truth and opportunities!!

I am here today to tell you to not allow fear to steal anything else from you!! Time is the only gift that we will never ever get back. So use the time that you have been given wisely. Not allowing fear or doubt to consume your mind but instead use these disabling emotions as an alarm to remind yourself to keep moving forward!!!!

The only way I have been able to continue pursuing my dreams to create a blog, host  and facilitate conferences, workshops, and  seminars that inspires and empowers women everywhere to know they’re worth, purpose and identity was by facing my fears.

Remember to surround yourself with people WHO SPEAK life to your dreams, and hold you accountable to continue moving forward. Also remember to DREAM BIG and that the best is yet to come!!!

Love you all,

Michelle Hammons

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