Gorgeous Eyelash Extentions


Beauties, I got these gorgeous eyelash Extensions from Amazing Lash in Magnolia Texas on Saturday! since then my morning routine has been cut in half!! I am not joking, I am so excited about the extra time that I will have to relax, spend time with my hubby, write a blog post, or sip my favorite brew!!


I have not been wearing eyeliner or mascara and today I only used highlighter as my eyeshadow, a little concealer, bronzer and lipstick and my make up was complete ❤️💕 The entire routine, took me about 10 minutes or less!! Loving these LASHES!!

Also if you’re going to get them, call and ask what deals they have a running, when I went they were running a fabulous deal for only $55 you get an full set!!


Here are a few things that I learned while I was there

1. They are super low maintenance.

2. The first two days you cannot get them wet, so when you wash your face just use your face wash around your eyes.

3. You cannot use any oil based products or any waterproof makeup on your eyes.

4. Do not pull or tug at them

If you follow these for simple steps then they typically last for a month, before needing a refill.


There are four different styles that you can choose from and there are so many different links that you can choose from…. And after talking to the amazing staff, I chose to get the gorgeous style. However, beauties, I’m use to wearing fake eyelashes and I knew that this look would not be too much for me. BUT I would recommend if you’re not used to wearing fake eyelashes to go with a more subtle style!! ❤️

Love you all and hope that you enjoyed this review and please let me know what you think of eyelash extensions!!? Have you ever thought about trying them? I’ve had a lot of friends who were scared to try them but super intrigue by the idea of longer lashes!!!

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