Transform Your Look!

From Boho Chic to Classy and Sweet!
You won’t want to miss this! Learn how to use the right accessories
to completely transform your look. Today we are talking about
adding pieces to make a simple dress feel boho chic.
I absolutely love the dress that I’m wearing, I love the material and the cut and I love the high neckline. When picking a staple dress to transform from boho chic to classy and sweet, make sure that you pick the right cut, color and style for your body type.
bt11  Here are a few more ideas for boho chic looks!! 
 Also, I am showing you a fall/winter look today however, later this week, my sassy and sweet look is more spring. Since we are on the cusp of a season change, you can typically dress either way especially here in Texas…. some days it is in the 50s and some days it is in the 70s. You gotta love that Texas weather!
I hope you are inspire to try something new today, and REMEMBER you are beautifully and wonderfully made!!
Love you all,
Michelle Hammons

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