Learn how to Thrive & not just Survive!


As I was thinking about that the Thrive Blog Conference, my heart was filled with joy as I remembered all the beautiful connections that were made. I wanted to share with you the unforgettable experience, but as I was pondering what to say, I realized that someone had already recapped the Thrive Blog conference in the perfect way.

AND I want to take this time to honor one of the sweetest bloggers that I have met. The beautiful and talented Jessica Ree!! Her recap of the Thrive conference was absolutely stunning and I want to send you over there 👉 to find out all the details.


Also Breanna, I am so thankful that I ended up eating lunch with you and your family, our conversation was so sweet and I’m so thankful for connecting with you beautiful women. I cannot wait to get together again soon!!


Thank you again Jessica Ree for creating such a beautiful recap of the magical Thrive blog conference weekend.

Unfortunately, for the Friday night party I had to work on all of my continued education hours for my speech therapy license 😁😁😁 so I wasn’t able to attend, but I heard from so many of the bloggers that it was a night full of fashion, fun and friendship!!!

On Saturday, we had a full, fabulous schedule filled with dynamic, successful and Innovative women sharing wisdom, tips and tools on how to Develop, and create a successful blog/a business.

Here is a list of the fabulous speakers!!


I loved being part of this event and meeting so many dynamic, dreamers and doers. I’m so excited to collaborate with all of you throughout the year. I know that this is going to be the best year yet!!!

Check out the Thrive blog conference website for more details ❤️

If you are a business owner or a blogger wanting to go to the next level, then I suggest following the Thrive blog conference Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram!! Also look for the Thrive conference coming to you next year, you will not want to miss it!!!

Thank you to the host and to all of the amazing speakers for sharing your wisdom with all of us. We appreciate you!!! I am praying only blessings and favor follow you everywhere you go this year!!!

Love you all,

Michelle Hammons

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