Tassles AND Treats!!


The Houston Rodeo is officially here, it is already a week in and we only have two more weeks to go! You can find tickets here!! 👌❤️💯

I hope that you’re able to go and enjoy some of the amazing talent that is there this year. My husband and I and some of our friends usually go a few times but this year we have had so much going on with conferences and events that we have not scheduled to go yet. But we are hoping to go!!! 👌👌

One of my favorite parts of the rodeo, is the Mutton Busting, future cowgirls and cowboys ride on the back of sheep and whoever makes it to the other side or stays on the longest to wins! Seriously, it is the cutest event!!


Therefore in honor of the rodeo being in town, I wanted to share a few rodeo inspired looks with you. ❤️ I added this tasseled vest and cowgirl sassy boots to this outfit to give it a flare of country girl chic.

I love the fact that we can add simple pieces to create an outfit that feels more country chic!!

The truth is beauty, that fashion is fun and a creative tool to express yourself and your individual personality and style!!

So you can add a tasseled vest, tasseled boots, cowgirl hat or cowgirl boots to any outfit to create a great idea inspired look!!

You can also shop this look here!!

Awesome I’m so excited because tomorrow on my blog there’ll be DIY Rodeo inspired Treats!!

Love you all,

Michelle Hammons

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