5 Beauty Tips That Really Work!

 Who doesn’t want timeless skincare secret….!?  Well beauties, here are 5 timeless beauty and skin secrets that according to In Style….really work!!


1. Moisturize Immediately After Showering

Within 2 to 3 minutes of showering, moisturize skin with an oil-based lotion, cream, or gel. When massaged into damp skin they trap water, which helps hydrate skin.

-I always do this and I typically use coconut oil, however my hubby does not like the oily feel…he is weird about lotions lol so I try to stay with a natural based moisturizer….preferably…non oily.

I really like this one!! skin-tip2Click on the Picture to find out more about the product!

2. Use Cold Black Tea to Prevent an Oily Face

To control oil and shine, splash your face with cool black tea — but do not rinse! Dermatologist Peter Kopelson says it works as a natural astringent

  • I have not used this method yet, but I have used green tea bag and they seemed to help my skin remain clear and reduce redness.

3. Slather on Sour Cream for Smooth Skin


Twice a week, apply a tablespoon of full-fat sour cream to sensitive skin for 20 minutes. It nourishes touchy complexions while the lactic acid helps make skin smooth.

This sounds so weird, and sour cream is definitely one of my favorite products to cook with, but I think it would be worth trying. Lets do this Ladies!! Slather all that sour cream on and then we can check back with each other in a few  weeks for the results.

4. Reduce Puffiness with a Pre-Makeup Massage


To reduce puffiness and rev up circulation, massage moisturizer into your face and neck for five minutes. A relaxed face makes for a smoother foundation for makeup

  • I have actually tried this one and it really works, plus it will help you wake up in the morning!!


5. Hydrate Skin with a Homemade Humidifier

Hang a wet towel from the doorknob overnight (wring out the edges to prevent dripping). The wet towel will bring moisture into the air and, in turn, hydrate your skin. In the morning the towel will be dry, but your skin won’t be!


Love you all,


Michelle Hammons

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