Do Boots Make The Beauty?


Photography by Choice Arts Photography

Do boots make the beauty?

Well, I have heard that all over the world, people believe that TEXANS ride horses to school and that we are ALL cowgirls and cowboys. Well, I don’t know about that…but I do know that after wearing these sassy boots, I feel like I could rope some cattle and ride a horse bare back…. lol I am just kidding, but I do love the way they feel.


I borrowed these beauties from my gorgeous cousin Brandy, who we didn’t discover until now that she had a flare for a country chic style. AND I love it. So beauties, a big thanks goes to Brandy for letting me borrow this gorgeous outfit and to our beautiful friend Samantha for helping me style it.

You can buy these boots or similar ones at Cavenders Boot City.

Ah I love out family.



Also, since the Houston Rodeo is in town until tomorrow, I wanted to feature a rodeo inspired outfit on my blog….to honor my Texas roots. Pairing this lace embellished, super comfortable with these sassy cowgirl boots, and a little bling, gives this outfit the flair of country chic.

 I have a few friends who wear cowgirl boots on a daily basis and they seem to always add a little bling, so I had to add some too, with this gorgeous, bold statement necklace.
Since I’m from Texas, one would assume that I would have a few pairs of really nice cowgirl boots, however I don’t any!!  However, I have a ton of booties and other styles of boots that I wear on a constant basis in the winter and fall but I told my husband that it is time for us to invest in a really nice pair of cowgirl boots!!
Do you have any cowgirl boots?
I hope you were inspired and tomorrow I will be featuring my last Rodeo Inspire Outfit in honor of the Houston Rodeo!!
Love you all,
Michelle Hammons

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