Healthy Green Life!


I am so inspired to start gardening, and I had to share this with you because the benefits of gardening have exceeded my expectations. I knew that gardening would be good  and fun, even rewarding hobby but I didn’t realize all the benefits it would have on my overall health.  However, after finding this amazing article, I knew I had to it share with you!! 

How this inspiration started 👉 I had the privilege of going camping with my amazing family this weekend near Waco Texas. So therefore, of course all of the girls had to make a quick trip to Magnolia Market to check out all the goods. As we were walking around the gorgeous store, dreaming of all the  possibilities of bringing these beautiful pieces home, I was so inspired by the beauty, creativity, and gorgeous flowers!!


These are some of the flowers that were in Magnolia market, and I loved it then, they bring so much life!!!

So beauties, I am going to start taking steps to plant herbs and beautiful flowers in our backyard and  I might even be a little more adventurous and plant some vegetables! I do not know if my terminology is correct, but all I do know is that there are so many benefits gardening!!

Have you ever wanted to garden?  If so, please send me over some tips!!

Love you all,

Michelle Hammons




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