Learn HOW TO Highlight YOUR Best Features!


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I know that in April it can get SUPER hot in many parts of the country, but here in TEXAS the weather is a little bipolar. Yesterday morning, I had to bring a jacket to church because it was in the 40s, and then, midday the weather was in the 70s or 80s. Therefore beauties, I’m going to share different tips on how to dress for unpredictable weather.


I love layers, and I always carry an extra sweater or jacket in my car just in case, but today we are going to talk about my love for three-quarter length sleeves! I feel like it is just enough material to keep you warm, but not enough to make you sweat! The perfect combination. (If you get cold easily like me, them you will love these too).
Outfit details
Shoes – Cato – $30
Necklace – Forever 21 – $14
I got this super cute dress at Rue 21 for $16!!!! 🎉 yes, that’s right! I got it on sale! If you’ve been following along, then you’ll know that I absolutely love a good deal but I also love a good product! This dress was made really well and I absolutely love the cut of this dress.
When you’re on a budget, but you still wants clothes that look nice and look a little more expensive then make sure you pick pieces that are cut well!!! This might take a little extra effort or a little more time to find the pieces that look the best on your body type, but it is worth it!!!
Here is a Great Dress Guide for different body types to 
follow in order to enhance best features!!
I added this super cute statement necklace in light pink and then I added these fabulous the nude peep toe wedges, that are my absolute favorite right now… Because they literally go with everything!!!
However the accessory I am SUPER eager to share, is my gorgeous NEW purse!! I actually received this as a gift for my birthday from one of the my favorite “home girls” …. to quote Cari Benson!! ✨ The Benson family owns an amazing boutique in the Willis area called The Kings Palace and that is where this GORGEOUS purse is from!!!!
Love you all and hope you were encouraged and inspired!!
Michelle Hammons

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