Classy Is A State Of Mind!


Even though we planned to keep this photo shoot focused on outfit details, and on HOW TO create a sassy and chic look, our plan was completely diverted when these two precious puppies came into the picture. I could not contain my joy, as they ran up and gave me unstoppable kisses an unconditional love

red9red1.jpgred5Remember that even when your plans are interrupted, you still can choose to be fun of JOY! My heart burst with hope, and excitement as I played with these two sweet puppies. And now as I look back at the pictures I am elated with the fact that we captured such innocent, pure joy. I’m so thankful to my amazing photographer Choice Arts photography for capturing such special moments.

red14red8These are moments in life, that are unplanned, and unexpected that have the potential to bring you un-contained joy!!

I absolutely loved this shoot and I just want to encourage you today to not be so serious. As you embrace every moment with childlike curiosity,  you will be pleasantly surprised at the JOY and HOPE that follows!!
I absolutely love this outfit out as well! I added a little pop of color in my shoes to bring interest and creativity to the outfit. Also this dress is so comfortable and one of my favorite pieces.
Outfit details 
Obviously, I absolutely love a good bargain and honestly it is very challenging for me to pay full price for any item however I will definitely splurge for a good pair of jeans or really perfect pair of shoes.
If you have any bargain shopping stories or ideas or if you got an amazing deal this week, please let me know! I would love to hear about it and would love to chat with you, because bargain shopping is probably one of my favorite things to do. It always makes me feel so productive!!
Love you guys and I hope you enjoyed this blog!!
Hope you’re encouraged and have an amazing day!!
Michelle Hammons


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