11 Gorgeous Ways To Display Your Jewelry!



Beauties!!!  I’m so thankful for this gorgeous spring weather!!!  This gorgeous, refreshing weather always makes me want to redecorate and refresh my closet!! So for the past few days I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning!

I have literally filled up 8 BIG TRASHBAGS of clothes to give away, between my husband and I. Ahh that is ALOT of clothes and I felt so rejuvenated, even though my husband told me that the only reason I was cleaning out my closet was so that I could buy new pieces……LOL that statement might have a hint of truth behind it but I also know that it is essential to flush out to bring clarity!!! 😘😘


Now it’s time to  re-organize my jewelry!  I found 11  gorgeous ways to display my jewelry and I had to share this with you !!

11  gorgeous ways to display your jewelry 


How do you display your jewelry or how do organize your it to make sure that you don’t forget about some of your favorite pieces?  Please help a sista out and tell me your secrets!! ❤️❤️❤️ I need help!

Love you all and hope you enjoy!!

Michelle Hammons


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