The TOP Ten Natural Eye Makeup Tutorials

Even though I love to play with make up, I know there are so many of you who dread putting it on! I have had so many friends tell me that they would love to wear eyeshadow or the perfect lipstick for their skin tone but they do not know how to put it on…..SO I wanted to make this process super easy for you and we’re going to start with the eyes.


If you are that girl who struggles with putting on eyeshadow, then I have found the perfect solution for you!! 💕💕

Here are the top 10 eye make-up tutorials for a gorgeous natural look!! I have recently been doing a combination of these looks over the past few weeks because after getting my Eyelash Extentions I am loving the 5 minute natural look.


If you have any looks that you absolutely love, please share them with me, I love connecting with you and I hope that you’re having a fabulous week! 💕💕

Love you all and hope that you enjoy!!

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