ReFUEL Your Goals This Week!!


I might’ve indulged in a doughnut, and a piece of cake today at my sweet friends baby shower……😁😁 However BEAUTIES, it’s the weekend and it’s OK to cut yourself a little slack. ❀️


If you veered from one of your goals just like I have, Remember that tomorrow you can restart and reposition yourself to be prepared for all the temptations that are going to come your way!!!


Here are 3 ways to help you reFUEL all your goals for this week. I absolutely love being strategic about goal setting! Remember, you will make mistakes, and your fall does not define you, the way you respond to it, helps develop character, integrity, and identity!


You are more than enough and created to do wonderful things, that only you can accomplish!!! Do not compare yourself to anyone else this week, because you are perfect just as you are.

1. Write down your goals

2. Write down what you need to accomplish this week, and what you want to accomplish.

3. Evaluate the time that you will spend on each need and want.

Always remember that passion is an essential part of making your dreams a reality. However, a person can be very passionate, yet never accomplish anything. Therefore, we have to pair passion and action together in order to make our dreams a reality!!


I want to encourage you to take action today to make your dreams a reality!

Love you guys and hope you were encouraged!!

Michelle Hammons

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