The Best Morning Workout!



We loved spending time at South Beach in Miami,  no only did we get an amazing workout because we swam in the ocean but we laughed so hard that her abs hurt for the next few days, I’m so thankful for precious moments with sweet friends! 


Working out on the beach is one of my favorite things because not only do you get an amazing tan but you also get a workout that will make you sore for the next few days.

Back in the day, when I was on a competitive soccer team, we would train at the beach, in the water. These were some of the hardest workouts that I’ve ever done, but they were also the most rewarding and probably the most fun as well! BECAUSE 👉 I was with so many of my closest girlfriends and we pushed each other to be our best & WE all got the perfect tan! ✨☀️❤️

imageimageThis specific workout is not done in the water, however doing this on the beach makes it so much more fun! So beauties, put that beautiful bathing suit on, get a beach towel and begin this fabulous workout!!!

If you are not able to go to the beach but want to change of scenery, check out your local parks or pools and you can do this work out there as well!!

❤️ Michelle Hammons


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