The She Inspires Experience Ticket Winners!!



Beauties!!!  We are announcing the winners!!! Thank you so much for your patience and  for participating in our giveaway! We are so excited and thrilled to announce that our two winners are 👇



To claim your prize 👉   Please write me by email or through Facebook and let me know that you saw the exciting announcement, and then  please let me know if you are certain you are able to attend. Then all you need to do is come and we will have your ticket waiting for you!!! ❤️👗🌺✨


Thank you to everyone again for scanning and we are looking forward to seeing you all Saturday morning and spending the day with you. I’m so excited and overwhelmed by all God is going to do for all the women who participate and through this amazing She Inspires Experience!!

Also, today is the last day that you can buy tickets online. However if you were not able to buy them online then you can come to our event and we will have tickets available for you to buy at the door!! ❤️🎉

Love you all


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