First Prego Fashion Post!! Falling in LOVE with FALL!


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So beauties, here you go!!My first Prego Fashion Post!!

I have kind of been forgoing fashion shoots for a few months because my body has been changing….a lot, and honestly I have felt a little weird. My husband constantly tells me how essential it is to embrace every moment and I promise I am doing my best!! It has truly been a challenge to find outfits that I absolutely love because every month and sometimes daily, I watch my body transform, so since this is my first biological baby, I had no idea what to expect.


I didn’t really start showing until I was about five months, so the first 4 1/2 months I just felt like I looked like I was gaining a little bit of weight….LOL and moms everywhere please raise your hand or holla at yo girl if you’ve ever felt the same way!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Therefore now I’m ready to embrace this beautiful transformation and officially start showing off my sweet baby bump!!!

So I have been stocking certain Pinterest boards and looking at a ton of maternity clothes and magazines and I have been so excited to try some new looks out! I am falling in love with FALL, and I’m so excited to be pregnant in the cooler weather



Today I am wearing a super cute striped tunic that is form fitting and hugs my sweet little bump, and I love the gold zipper. I feel like it adds some class and character to the outfit. I partnered this tunic with black maternity pants that I absolutely LOVE and also with one of my favorite jeans shirts.

Black and white striped tunic – Forever 21 $19
Maternity stretchy black jeans – Ross for $10 dollars and I love them
Jean shirt – Dillard’s $19
Booties – Market Street Boutique $59
Necklace – Nordstrom $40

I also I put my hair in a half pony because I have been wanting to do something different, it seems like I always wear my hair down, straight of curled…… so this season and I am so excited to not only wear hats, layers and scarves but to also start wearing more braids and different updos/hairstyles!! 😘😘

Blessings and huge success your way,

Michelle Hammons

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