It is officially fall and I’m so excited!!

Fall is literally my favorite season of the entire year because it’s not only the perfect weather but the leaves on the trees are turning beautiful colors, I get to wear boots every single day if I want and I get to wear layers, hats and some of my favorite football shirts…… Because beauties it’s ALSO FOOTBALL season!! ❤️🍂🍁🏉

Since I’m from Texas, and live in the Houston area, I am a huge Texans fan and even if you don’t like football, fall or super cute booties…. I think we can ALL AGREE that these shirts are the cutest!!


Click here to order these adorable shirts for ONLY $12.99!

Who doesn’t want to look super cute while they support their favorite team…. Or support their man… Supporting his team lol

I can’t wait to wear these!!! I’m literally orders 2 tonight and I’ll feature them on my blog ASAP!!!!

I love these too, CLICK HERE to check out these cute tees! 

Yay!! Also I can’t wait to talk about fall and football traditions!! What are some of your favorite things to do in the fall?? Ahh I’m so excited to hear all the fun things that you, your family and friends enjoy during this amazing season!!

love you beauties!!!

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