Second Prego Fashion Blog! Loving These Fall Colors and Cooler Weather!




Beauties….have you ever put on an outfit that made you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable all at the same time? Well, this outfit does exactly that. I absolutely love love love it because it consist of a few of my favorite things. My new maternity pants from Ross that I got for less than $10, this gorgeous berry colored top with cut outs, and of course, my fedora from Forever 21.




Choice Arts Photography

However, being fashionable and fabulous throughout my pregnancy has been a challenge.especially during my first trimester. I didn’t only have morning sickness, but I had ALL DAY sickness, on top of trying to be the best mommy to our son that we are adopting.  Ahh mothers everywhere, if you can relate, please let me know how you overcame morning sickness. Now that I am almost 6 months pregnant, I feel so much better and I am loving showing off this precious bump!





BUT I am definitely still crying during puppy commercials or at and emotional story, lol but at least my energy has finally come back!!

I love this shirt from forever 21 that I got for only $19. It’s beautiful and unique and I love the cut outs on top, I feel like they’re super sassy yet they are not revealing at all. Also this maroon/berry color is super in the season!!

Also I paired this shirt with some of my favorite black maternity pants that are versatile and fabulous, I got these at Ross for less than $10,
Also one of my favorite fedora is that I also got from forever 21 and these gorgeous classy wedges from Cato, on sale for $12!




Last but not least are my amazing accessories. I got my purse from Rue 21 and I love fringe this season, it’s so much fun and my necklace and bracelet are both from one of my favorite online stores, Ettika. Ettika sent me both of these gorgeous pieces and I’m so excited to share them with you!!

ShirtForever 21 $19
FedoraForever 21 $25
Maternity pantsRoss $8
Shoes Cato $12 ON SALE
PurseRue 21 $28
Bracelet & NecklaceEttika

I absolutely love this outfit and the location was perfect as well!! It is almost deer season and I wanted to do a photo shoot with deer in the background because I knew that my husband would LOVE the pics!!

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