3rd Prego Fashion BLOG!! Transitioning into FALL!



I love to transition into a new season, and I absolutely love that this Houston weather has been cooling off the past couple days! One day this week, it was 48 in the morning and we were loving that temperature for about an hour! Lol

Even though the cooler weather seems to only come in the morning and evening, I am embracing every moment! Also I’m excited to share this out with outfit with you because I love stretchy comfy clothes and this entire outfit cost less than $50!! Also, one of my goals before getting pregnant was to buy pieces of clothing that I could transition into maternity clothes, so I would not have to spend as much money on maternity wear.


editedb2So many of my friends have complained about the money they spent on maternity clothes, I took their advice and started shopping for stretchy, comfy and sometimes flowy material!!

Now, beauties, as you can see the dress that I’m wearing is not flowy, however I paired it with one my favorite cardigans that is flowy. Best advice 👉 if you’re going to wear to a more formfitting the piece of clothing, then partner it with something flowy. Versus a tight top and tight bottom or a to flowy top and flowy  bottom, both combinations will not accentuate your figure the way that you would hope.



**** I think it’s important to wear clothes that flatter your figure, they don’t necessarily have to follow the style trends because every style trend is not for every body type, please remember that!!! ****

If you’re curvy, embrace your curves, if you are more athletic, then embrace your athletic body and wear clothes that accentuate your best features! The last thing you want to do, is to compare your body or yourself to anyone else, because we’re all unique and special and that will only cause you to question your own beauty. And darling, YOU are perfect just as you are!!!!



I love this cobalt blue dress because it was one of my favorite dresses before I got pregnant. I like the fact that it is simple and has a textured pattern on it that gives the outfit interest and character. I paired it with this black cardigan that’s more flowy, so that I would feel more comfortable transitioning into my new body and more covered due to the formfitting style of the dress. And then I paired it with booties, these are some of my favorite booties that I actually got at Ross for under $30!!

Dress: Ross $10
Cardigan: $10
Booties: $29

I also added a silver clutch and some fun pieces of jewelry.

Thank you to Choice Arts Photography for making this shoot so much fun!!

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