4th Prego Fall Fashion Shoot! Dark Florals + Rich Fall Colors = Pure Joy!




This shoot was so much fun, from the gorgeous weather, to the stunning buildings in the background to the lake behind me….I absolutely loved it! It’s so much fun to not only to show off my baby bump but to also wear fall florals!!

During the shoot, my son and my mom got reservations at Landry’s seafood. This is one of our favorite spots for seafood and it’s in the middle of the woodlands, the location is absolutely perfect. Then after a fun, however long photoshoot, this pregnant girl needed some good food!!!

Photography by Choice Arts Photography


Also, I am almost in my third trimester and staying motivated to be fashionable and cute has definitely been a challenge during my pregnancy, but it is also been so much fun to search for cute pieces that make me feel beautiful, flirty and like a fashionista!!


Beauties, I want to encourage you; if you’re at your ideal weight, or if you are pregnant like me or working to maintain a healthy lifestyle, do you yourself a favor…….. and buy clothes that flatter your figure! As you do, you will feel empowered, beautiful and inspired, then your inspiration will inspire other women to do the same!!!

Beauties everywhere, we have to stick together and encourage and inspire each other to do our best in order to feel our best!!

I love this outfit because I’m wearing my favorite maternity pants from Ross, that are just under $20, and this super cute dark floral fall top that I got from Rue 21 for $20 as well and then I got to use wedges that I love to wear with casual outfits and more dressy outfits from Cato on sale for $15. Then I had to add a super cute accessory, is this floppy hat that is a gorgeous Ruby/maroon color.
Hat: Forever 21 $20
Shoes: Cato $15
Shirt: Rue 21 $20
Pants: Ross $18

What outfit makes your feel beautiful? I would love to hear about your favorite outfits.





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