Over 18 Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas!!

Happy Monday beauties!!


What is your tradition for Halloween and what do you usually do? My brother and sister-in-law go all out and this is literally their favorite holiday. They decorate their home and go to a few Halloween parties, they both love to dress up and my sister-in-law is amazing at doing her make up for Halloween as well!!


Even though my husband I don’t celebrate Halloween, I absolutely love all the fun make up ideas and the really cute costumes!!

Therefore, I wanted to share all these fun makeup ideas with you! 
Here are some really fun ideas that you could use tonight if you’re going to a party or trick or treating! PLUS 18 more pretty Halloween makeup looks!!


Now that we have a son and a baby on the way, we are starting new traditions!

Painting pumpkins, carving pumpkins, going to a pumpkin patch, fall festivals, and making chocolatey treats! 🍁🎃🌽🍂

love you all!!


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