5th Prego Fall Fashion Post! Purple Hues + Fall Leaves and Why I Choose To Remain Thankful.



Beauties! I hope you are enjoying this cool, crisp beautiful fall weather, even though Houston is a little warmer than other parts of the country, we are absolutely loving the cooler weather weather in the morning and evening!!

I also hope that you have shifted gears from Halloween mode to Thanksgiving mode and you are taking time every day to tell the people that you love how thankful you are for them!!!


Living with a thankful attitude, will not only change your perspective and make your life so much sweeter, but it will also fill you with joy, hope, and peace throughout every single day!!

Therefore, I can we just share this post with you because not only did I get to play in the fall leaves but I got to showcase my new booties and top!!

Since I am officially in my THIRD trimester, which is crazy and so hard for me to believe that my pregnancy has gone so quickly, I have been shopping differently. Thanks to all of you and all the amazing advice I have received, I have hit up some amazing stores. I love Ross,  Motherhood AND I am going to be featuring a new collaboration with Pink Blush Maternity coming up within the next few weeks! SO stay tuned you won’t want to miss this amazing collaboration.

Today, I have the privilege of honoring Choice Art Photography again they are absolutely amazing and I’m so thankful for how they capture pure joy in every shoot!


I am wearing this gorgeous purple top with gold details, that I got from Forever 21 and I paired it with one of my favorite tank/undershirt it’s that I got from The Kings Palace , My favorite maternity black pants that I got from Motherhood and my new booties that I got on sale from DD’s Fashion.

Since I am almost 29 weeks pregnant, my feet have started to swell when I wear heels, and if you follow any of my post you know that I absolutely love to wear booties, heels, anything that a elongates my legs, but now I’m having to be a little more picky with the shoes that I wear because my feet have started to swell. 😬😬However, I can wear these bootie wedges for six hours and my feet won’t swell, they are absolutely amazing and my new favorite booties!!

I hope you are inspired and empowered and remember to remain thankful throughout the holiday seasons. My next November challenge is going live tomorrow!!

Love you all!!

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