Beauty Queen Of The Week – Juelisa Mier


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Tell me about yourself, I can’t wait for the audience to know you the way I do, what do you like to do in your free time and what is one of your hobbies?
In my free time I love to discover new sites around Houston. I also love to spend time with my friends and family. My hobbies are singing and doing makeup.


What are the three things that are most important to you?
God, family, and singing


Do you think it’s important to set goals and dream big dream?
Absolutely, without dreaming what would you look forward to.

What is your vision for your future?
My vision is to impact other with my music!!


When did you know you were called to do this?
The last 3 year God has opened so many doors, which has opened my eyes to what God has planned for me.

 What were the defining moments in your life that helps you realize you’re calling and potential to change the world for the better?
I always knew I had a special gift, but recently people have come to me, saying that I’ve impacted their life’s through my singing. So that gave me confirmation.


Who is your greatest inspiration?
My parents and my grandparents

 Who has influenced you the most and what is the greatest lesson you learned from them?
My mom, she has taught me to always give the best to God and in everything I do.

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What does being a beauty queen mean to you?
That beauty doesn’t come from the outside it’s within.


What inspires you to live with passion every single day?
Living your life to the fullest every single day.

How do you use that passion to make your dreams come true?
I put all my energy into what I love until my dreams come true.


What is a quote or saying that you live by?
Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

Through the ups and downs of your life what is the greatest lesson that you have learned?
No matter how low you fall, God will always be there to pick you up.


What advice would you give the beauty queens reading this interview about following their dreams?
Nothing is impossible, you just have to have faith, and leave it to God. Gods dreams are bigger then you can ever image.


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