Gifts And Surprises!

Today, I just really wanted to take you behind the scenes of all the fabulous and super fun fashion photo shoots and be raw and real with you.


Starting with a FUNNY story!!

I enjoy getting dolled up for the fashion shoots, but I absolutely LOVE to come home and immediately get on my Prego jegging’s, comfy shirt or ever my husbands super comfy shirts and this fabulous leopard robe, I got for my friend Destinee. Since being pregnant, I have literally worn this every single night! 😬😬

Lol omg! It’s so funny, for the longest time I thought the robe I wear was a super sexy, but then one day my husband told me that it looked like a grandma robe! After he told me this we laughed so hard! Has anything like this happened to you!?

Sometimes, husbands and wives have completely opposing perspectives!

And that’s ok!

How I feel about my FIRST Christmas being a MOM!


I am absolutely overwhelmed, humbled, and excited to have the opportunity to be called mom during the most magical time of year! Christmas is our favorite and we are so excited to begin new tradition while making super special memories.

However, LET me take back to this time last year. I had so many moments where I cried because I thought I was pregnant, then when the pregnancy test read AGAIN that I wasn’t, I was devastating! I didn’t understand, but my hubby and I chose to trust Gods perfect timing.

AND, Gods plan is always sweeter and more beautiful than our own!! We had no idea that over the next 12 months we would not only have an amazing son but also a daughter on the way. If you have followed my blog throughout the year, I have posted vlogs and blogs about the miraculous moment that have taken place in our lives to make our dreams a reality. If you have missed them, you can check them out here ❤️

It’s so overwhelming to even discuss, because we have had the privilege to witness dreams coming true!!


Therefore beauties, I want to take this time to encourage you. I know that Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, however, I also know from experience that it can be challenging.
If you are longing to be married, longing for a loved one that has passed too soon, or longing to be a mommy…….KNOW that you’re not alone. Your heartbreak is not in vain, you are loved more than you know and God is with you and has not left you or forgotten you. He has an amazing plan in store for your future….. please please please don’t allow the pain that you’re feelings to steal the joy of the season!!!

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future.

Love you all so much and felt so strongly that I needed to share this. I am so excited that we have less than a week to Christmas!! So stay tuned because I’ll be sharing more throughout the week!!! ❤️❤️

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