30 Days to living an Uncontained LIFE – New Year Challenge!!


Have you ever felt frustrated, confused, disappointed or regretful about decision you have made, that have set you back? Are you complacent in any area of your life? Or have you given up on a dream that once gave you purpose and passion?

If so, then this 30 day challenge is just for YOU!! I wanted to create this 30 day challenge to re-awaken your passion to pursue your dreams and teach You how to break free from complacency inorder to make your dreams a reality.

It is time to to break free from the fear, complacency, or limited perspectives that have held you back, I garentee by the end of this 30 day challenge, you will have the confidence, clarity and passion to break free and move forward.



                                                 You did it! I am so excited for you to

                                                      start this new journey to make

                                                             your dreams a reality.

We have to re-organize our minds and re-set some of the framework that has been set. Just as an un-sturdy foundation will crack, a mind filled with fear, will hold you back.

Today’s Challenge:
Start by reminding yourself that YOU are more than capable to accomplish ALL OF YOUR DREAMS!! AND, don’t allow yourself to think ONE negative thought. As you retrain your mind to dwell on the good, YOUR focus will begin to change.

Psalm 139:14  (NIV)
I praise you because I am fearfully
and wonderfully made your
works are wonderful, I know that full well.

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