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Tell me about yourself, I can’t wait for the audience to know you the way I do, what do you like to do in your free time and what is one of your hobbies?

I like to spend my free time with my 3 year old son and husband. We are new to Dallas, Texas and like to explore the city. 


What are the three things that are most important to you?

My family, My friends and My community.


Do you think it’s important to set goals and dream big dreams? 

No dream is too big. Most people let negative thoughts get in their head and discourage them from following their dreams. Writing  down your goals is the first step in helping make them a reality. I like to think of my list of goals as a road map, that helps guide me to where I want to go.


What is your vision for your future? 

Increasing Heels and Hugs brand awareness while encouraging other women, especially mothers to feel beautiful in their own skin. 

I would also like to continue to grow as a fashion and style expert with my Television presence in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


When did you know you were called to do this?

As long as I can remember I have been confident in my own style. Not being afraid to dress different than others. I was always that friend who was called on for fashion advice (as early as junior high). When I graduated college I dabbled with being a stylist on professional photoshoots. That is when I knew I had a true calling. 


 What were the defining moments in your life that helps you realize you’re calling and potential to change the world for the better?

After I had my son, Liam I didn’t feel like myself. I went through a period of feeling selfish if I wasn’t dedicating all of my time to him. I realized that not making time for myself and the things that made me happy was unhealthy for me. Causing me to not be my best self for Liam. I knew that in order to pick myself up I needed to tap into the things that made me happy. Fashion is one of them. I believe in the saying “When you look good, you feel good” so I started putting together outfits again. I then decided to create the style site, Heels and Hugs. Where I could inspire other women to explore their own sense of fashion.


Who is your greatest inspiration?

Rachel Zoe is a great source of inspiration for me. She is a stylist who has two young children and maintains a work life balance. 

Who has influenced you the most and what is the greatest lesson you learned from them? 

My mother is my #1 influencer, she has taught me that hard work and discipline pay off. 


What does being a beauty queen mean to you? 

Being a beauty queen means that I have a platform to inspire other women to be their best self. An understanding that being kind, loving and confident is greater than any exterior beauty.


What inspires you to live with passion every single day? 

Knowing that we are only offered one shot on earth. Life is fleeting and there is no time like the present to go after your dreams.


How do you use that passion to make your dreams come true? 

My passion gives me the energy to get up every morning and take the steps to achieve my goals. It pushes me to face my fears and believe in myself, even with potential rejection. I often remind myself that: the worst anyone can say is “NO”. I spent 10 years in advertising sales, “NO” does not discourage me. In fact, it inspires me to push harder…until I get that YES!


Through the ups and downs of your life what is the greatest lesson that you have learned?

The importance of resilience. Not giving up on yourself in tough times. Having the confidence to know that it is going to get better. As they say: “When you’re down there is only way you can go!”


What advice would you give the beauty queens reading this interview about following their dreams?

Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or says. You have to believe in yourself enough to shake the haters off. Even your own self doubt can become a “hater”. Push those feeling aside and go for it. You don’t want to look back on your life with regrets of dreams unfulfilled. 


Follow Misty NOW For Daily Fashion updates and inspiration that

will empower you to follow your dreams!!

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