Gorgeous Valentines Makeup Ideas!

My heart is literally exploding with so much love right now and how perfect and timely is that is that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Not only am I officially dilated, and about to have our sweet baby girl, but my sister-in-law just had the most perfect, beautiful twin girls and our son will officially be adopted in mid February.

We are overwhelmed and so humbled by all God is doing in our lives and I am going to post a very personal blog tomorrow about all of these exciting details……However, today and later this week we’re going to be focusing more on fun valentines fashion and valentines make up ideas!


The look that I’m wearing is inspired by pink blush! I love rosie, warm tones, especially for Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing more beautiful than a women in love and I feel like this look model that.
Lips – Mac
Eyes – Motives
Eyeliner – Loreal
Blush – Maybelline
Here are some more ideas on looks for Valentine’s Day that inspired me and I had to show you! Also beauties, I have been experimenting with lipsticks and different way to apply my lipstick so that it will LAST ALL NIGHT….and I am providing you with easy tutorials!!
If you are going on a HOTT date with your loved one or if you a planning a girls night out, I know that you will love these tips!! Please let me know which ones you love!!
Love you all and hope you enjoy!!
Michelle Hammons

One thought on “Gorgeous Valentines Makeup Ideas!

  1. Signed up to receive your wonderful messages to my e-mail through WordPress.com. It has been GREAT!!!! Thank you for sending the tutorials on makeup and the Message you sent is a Blessing and has Blessed my day!!!! Thank you again.


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