Beauty Queen Of The Week – Emilie Spruill

Tell me about yourself, I can’t wait for the audience to get to know you!

What do you like to do in your free time and what is one of your hobbies?


I love spending time with my family, of course!  We love just exploring our community, heading to Whole Foods for a healthy, casual meal, heading to the lake in the summer, eating popcorn and watching Dateline with my husband after the kids go to sleep and we love playing Scrabble!  I love that my job really fulfills my need for a social life because interacting with women is truly at the heart of my business!


What are the three things that are most important to you?

My faith in Jesus

My family and friends, especially my husband Devin and three children, Hunter, London and Jasper

My career—I pinch myself over how passionate I am about Beautycounter and our mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone.  I get to educate, socialize and help provide solutions every single day!

Do you think it’s important to set goals and dream big dream?

Absolutely!  They say we miss 100% of shots we don’t take.  If we don’t set goals, we will just wander aimlessly and while that can pass the time, it never actually gets us where we want to be.  It is so important to set goals so that we can formulate a strategy or plan to accomplish them, and what a great feeling it is when we do!


What is your vision for your future?

My vision for my future is that when our children are adults, someday they will not have to scrutinize the labels on the products they purchase and the foods that they eat screening for harmful chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption and other serious health issues, because someday those ingredients will simply not be allowed to be used.  I also envision empowering an entire community of women who just like me decide that they can and should be able to have it all—family, fun and a rewarding and lucrative career.


When did you know you were called to do this?

I was once at a live Beth Moore Bible Study at Houston’s First Baptist Church and God genuinely spoke it into my heart that I had an inheritance and that I was created to do this work, that He blessed me with these talents and that I should pursue them.  At that point I had worked in the skincare and cosmetics field for over a decade, but it was at that exact moment that I knew that He had created me with a specific gift and purpose in mind.  I actually named my skincare business GRACE Skincare Solutions because it was truly only a result of God’s grace.


What were the defining moments in your life that helped you realize you’re calling and potential to change the world for the better?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my first baby, a friend sent me the video for a startup company that was just about to launch called Beautycounter.  Truly, I watched that first intro video for a company that had not yet released even one product, and I knew in my gut that this opportunity was exactly what I was looking for and needing.  My previous skincare and cosmetics company had closed operations in the US in January of 2013 and Beautycounter was launching in March of 2013.  Had my previous company not closed after I had been with them for 14 years, I would not have been open to something new.  But Beautycounter has been completely life-changing for me and even for my family and I could not be more thankful for the way that it all worked out!


Who is your greatest inspiration?

My mentors were my late Grandfather who was quite simply the most intelligent and generous, loving man that I have ever known.  He loved his work, and he loved his family and he taught me the value of hard work and entrepreneurship.  My late mentor, Mary Beth, was like a second mom to me.  She taught me so much and she truly gave me my career, she shaped my personality in some big ways and she even gave me the advice that led me to my husband.  I lost her to cancer in 2012 but there is not a day that I do not think of her and thank God for her.

Who has influenced you the most and what is the greatest lesson you learned from them?

My grandfather and my first mentor Mary Beth, again, and the greatest lessons that I learned from them were the value of hard work and the importance of absolutely loving what you do for a living.  We spend a lot of time working—we should LOVE it!  They also taught me kindness, generosity and how to believe in myself and in others.


What does being a beauty queen mean to you?

Being confident and being kind!  I always tell my daughter London that “Happy girls are the prettiest girls”.  We can’t realistically be happy all of the time but we can focus on being grateful and appreciative of all that we are given, because it is all a gift.

What inspires you to live with passion every single day?

My children!  I want to show them all that women can have it all—when I became a Mom, I felt a deep desire to be home with them.  Breastfeeding and natural parenting were very important to me.  I never planned to be a stay at home mom, but once they were born, I just couldn’t leave them.  I have all of the respect in the world for moms who work outside of the home everyday—it takes serious discipline!  I am grateful for the opportunity to have both—a fulfilling career that allows me to be with my babies most of the time.  It is a dream job!

How do you use that passion to make your dreams come true?

When I became a Managing Director with Beautycounter, I had officially achieved something that to be honest, I didn’t always believe was possible for me.  I have a genuine desire to give other women that sense of accomplishment—to do something that they and others in their life perhaps did not believe could or would happen.  I want to show other women, just like myself, that they no longer have to choose, between a career and a family, and between safe beauty products and beauty products that actually work, and work well!


What is a quote or saying that you live by?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right” ~ Henry Ford and “If you really want to do something you’ll find a way.  If not, you’ll find an excuse” ~Jim Rohn and so many Bible passages especially from the Sermon on the Mount!

Through the ups and downs of your life what is the greatest lesson that you have learned?

It sounds so cliche but to not sweat the small stuff, because when I look back at the things that have cost me the most tears and caused me the most heartache, in retrospect, they were usually not what was best for me.  God had something much better and different than I ever could have planned for myself.


What advice would you give the beauty queens reading this interview about following their dreams?

You were created to do great works!  Do not settle!  Do not listen to anyone who tells you otherwise, especially that inner voice of doubt—those are lies.  The truth is that success is the result of consistent efforts everyday, good old hard work, with a sprinkling of kindness, good ideas and positive attitude.  But ultimately, the people who succeed are those who simply refused to give up even when things seemed hopeless.

Emilie Spruill

Managing Director & Licensed Esthetician

412.860.6080 |

Our mission is to get safer products in the hands of everyone.

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