Product review for Lipsense lip color and moisturizing lip gloss!!


I was so excited when I got these gorgeous Lipsense liquid lip colors in the mail! I couldn’t wait to try them. However, since we just had our sweet baby girl and our son just got adopted, I waited until yesterday to try them out and I absolutely love them.


In the directions it says to clean your lips, then apply the lip color three times going in the same direction! At first this process seemed a little redundant, however, I understand now why it says to add three layers, because when I first put on the bombshell color I couldn’t really see it, but after three layers I absolutely loved the color! My husband really likes this color on me as well!!


It is the perfect nude for every season and every skin tone. So if you want to do a smoky eye with a nude lip or a more natural look, then I would definitely choose this color! Also, yesterday it stayed on for over six hours, through 2 meals, and when I kissed my husband, sweet son and daughter, it didn’t get all over them!! That is a huge plus!!!


The only thing I didn’t really like it that when I was applying this lip color, it made my lips sting a little bit. It does not have a plumping effect so I wasn’t sure why my lips were burning. It only lasted a few seconds and after I talked to my sweet friend who sent me this product, she said that it is normal with this product for your lips to tingle a little bit if your lips are a little dry.


Therefore, I put on the moisturizing lip gloss and I absolutely loved the texture and consistency. It seemed to glide on!



So, if you’re looking for a great moisturizing lip gloss I would definitely recommend this one and the gorgeous nude lip color.

Love you all and I’ll be sharing more reviews soon! 💕❤️💋

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