Beauty Counter Product Review! ❤️

Omg beauties! Have you ever tried an all natural product? Well, I’ve never tried one for beauty products and I’m so thankful I’ve been introduced to Beauty Counter. My friend Emilie sent me these amazing products and I’m so excited to share my experience with you!


My skin is very sensitive so when I tried the face wash I was very concerned, but to my surprise, I absolutely loved it! It is not only refreshing, but it’s very calming to my skin. I also use the day and night creams and I can see how they visibly enhance the hydration on my skin. My skin tends to be dry in certain places so I will still use coconut oil occasionally as well.

Overall, I have been blown anyway by the effectiveness of the cleanser and the fabulous moisture I receive from the creams. If you’re looking for an all natural product, then I would definitely recommend Beauty Counter!



Also, I was SO excited to try the desert sunrise eyeshadow palette. Seriously girls, this has to be one of my favorite palettes that I’ve ever used. It’s a combination of gorgeous eyeshadows and three different types of blush/bronzer!!!


The pigment is so rich, which was very unexpected due to such a natural product, but when I put it on, it was so bright, rich, deep, and beautiful in color!!! Plus, the shadow stayed on the entire day. When I receive this product, I was very impressed with the cosmetic look and the excellent quality of make up!

why are you beauties, and I hope that this review helps solidifies this all natural product, is safe and effective! If you would like to order the cleansers or make up from beauty counter, click on the link below!


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