Celebrate Every Moment!





I am so excited to share these amazing pictures with you. The photographer did such a beautiful job capturing our sweet daughter, son, and family!

Yesterday our sweet baby girl turned two months old and I am amazed at the changes that have taken place since she graced us with her presence. Not only has she changed physically and grown so much, she’s smiling, interacting, making amazing eye contact and starting to coo, AND the entire atmosphere of our home has changed for the better!!!

We have grown so much as a family and seeing our sweet son develop a love and compassion for his sweet baby sister that represents Christ love in the most genuine form, has blown us away!! His love for his sister and our family is so precious, and priceless!!

We are so thankful, and let me just brag on my husband really quick, we had no idea what having a newborn would bring into our home!!!! There has been SOOO much joy, hope, love, yet many sleepless nights!! Even through all of the changes and transition, my husband has been supportive, encouraging, and very helpful!! Ladies everywhere, he knows how to change a a diaper and make a bottle like a PRO!! Not only does he help with the little things, but the way he adores our children, makes me fall in love with him in a new, beautiful way. My heart is so full and I’m so thankful!!!

Our sweet baby girl has grown so much, the love we have for her and our son is unexplainable. They are both priceless gifts and we are overwhelmed with God’s grace and love he has poured out this year!!

The way I have gained strength through the sleepless nights, has been through listening to podcast, literally nonstop, reading baby wise, asking for advice and applying the advice given lol

If you’re looking for an amazing newborn photographer check out Melissa Yocum photography!!!



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