HOW TO Fall Back in LOVE!!


How to fiercely love your spouse!!!

After talking to my husband and sharing my heart about my passion to see marriages flourish, I felt such a huge weight of responsibility to empower people to love their spouse with a fierce, unconditional love!! It is time that we stop fighting against each other and start fighting for our marriages!!!

I want to create a community of people that can hold each other accountable, pray for each other and empower each other to stand strong and trust that God is in control, even when you feel like there’s no hope!!!!


You can rekindle the fire you once had when you first got married, BUT it is essential that you remember why you fell in love and what brought you and your spouse together!!

Here are a few tips that will be very helpful to rekindle the fire in your marriage!!!

IMG_2648Listen first, speak later
– I heard a message a few years ago that has stuck with me and brought me an entire new perspective.
– I have learned that before I think something, I have to remind myself to W.A.I.T. Which stands for why am I talking, lol what is the purpose of the statement that I want to make? Will it bring hope and life or will it bring distrustion to my relationship?

Always humble yourself and Be the first to apologize

Forgive easily

Love with your words and actions

Speak life and hope over yourself, spouse and marriage

Stop complaining about yourself to others

Stop comparing your spouse to other people

Choose to love them exactly as they are

Focus on the good


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