Life Hacks For Traveling!


All I know is that traveling with my best friend, has been such an adventure and so much fun! Creating memories and experiencing new things with the ones you love, will create a bond that will last forever! As my husband and I travel to different countries and throughout the United States, we have learned so much about each other, communication and how to embrace every moment! If you are traveling with your girlfriends, your husband or your family, I know that you can benefit from these tips. I was excited to write this blog because summer is coming up and I wanted to give you some essential quick and easy tips that will help make your adventures this summer more enjoyable!!

1. Pick your traveling partners wisely! This is huge, because  The people you travel with  have the potential to make or break your trip, or even your friendship. I know that sounds a little extreme but when you travel, you are put in sometimes stressful situations that will bring out the best or worst in people.
2. If you are a planner, travel with other people who are planners, if you’re spontaneous and like to go with the flow then it is probably best if you travel with people who like to go with the flow as well.

From Las Vegas to Playa Del Carmen, to Cozumel, to Jamaica, to Lake Buchanan, and Alaska,  California, and Florida  we have been so blessed to travel with such amazing people!!
3. Even though I’m giving you this advice, my husband and I have learned to enjoy every moment, even if we are traveling with planners or people who are more spontaneous, we CHOOSE to embrace the moment! We just love adventure and we love people! But if you are an extreme planner or you are very spontaneous, then your trip might be a frustrating experience if you travel with someone opposite of your personality!


Guatemala, Sail Fishing

4. Do not overpack, that is something that I’ve struggled with my whole life. We will go for a four-day trip and I’ll pack seven pairs of shoes just in case…….PLEASE LEARN from me!! Do not do that, instead get on Pinterest and figure out how to pack to be super cute but efficient, because you never know what you might find and want to bring back!

5. Plan at least one day to relax! We have gone on many vacations where we pack them full of adventure, but forget to take time to relax, so we have learned that no matter where we go we will spend at least one day relaxing and enjoying the moment.

Love you all, and hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think and send me your best traveling tips, I would love to hear them!!!

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