Soothe Shirt Review!


There is nothing that I want more than to soothe my sweet newborn, and this shirt makes it possible to do that without even a carrier. This innovative design encompasses my sweet baby and can hold up to 15 pounds.

When I first tried it, I didn’t know how to put her in so I thought that she was too big. However, I contacted the company and they gave me thorough instructions and even sent a instructional video to teach me how to use this shirt properly. Whenever I watched the video and followed the directions, it was super easy to put my daughter in and take her out of the Soothe Shirt.  Making the Soothe Shirt efficient and very beneficial.


Therefore, new moms out there, I would definitely recommend this shirt. It’s innovative design allows you to wear your sweet baby everywhere you go. The material is well-made, and you can even breast-feed in this shirt!

I also love that it comes in different colors, and can be worn around the house, to my son’s baseball game, or out even out shopping.

If you know someone who is about to have a baby, or you are a new thriving mom, check out their site and order this amazing shirt!!! You will really enjoy it and so will your newborn!!!

Click here to check out the Soothe Shirt ❤️

Love you all,


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