NYX “Night On The Town” Make Up Palette Review



This amazing company has been extremely patient, they sent me not only this gorgeous make up palette but lipstick / lipgloss and a pedicure gift certificate! I am so grateful! I received these items a week before I gave birth to our sweet daughter and since I am just now getting back to blogging full-time, I couldn’t wait to share this review. 💋

I just want to give a shout out to Mark for sending me so many great products and making me feel so special!! When I received this NYX “Night On The Town” make up palette, I was blown away by the vibrant and diverse colors and by the rich pigmentation.



In this photo shoot I used very warm tones, the dusty orange colors on my lower lid and in my crease! As well as the brown tones in the corner of my eye and the light cream as a highlight on my brow bone. I love the way my eyes were enhance by these rich colors!

The only thing that I did not love about this palette was the make up applicators, so I just used the ones that I had and they worked perfectly!!!



I also used the contour section for my contouring and I really liked the tone and color it created. It matched really well with my skin tone. Also, there are three different types of highlighters that you can choose, depending on your skin tone! I liked that option, because I absolutely love highlighter!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I am so excited to play around with this palette to create so many different looks!! The great thing about this NYX palette is that I can create daytime looks, as well as vibrate night time looks for a girls night or a date night!! Also 👉Here are some really cool looks that NYX make up artist have created with these vibrant colors!!

Therefore beauties, if you are looking for a palette that you can use for every occasion, I would definitely check out this NYX “Night On The Town” makeup palette!

Click here for more reviews and to order your own, let me know what you think!! 💕

Blessings and huge success your way,

Michelle Hammons

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