Style Counsel App Review + Exciting Surprise


Have you ever been a part of something that you know is making a positive impact on the community and maybe even across the world? Well I am so excited and thrilled to share with you that I have been asked to be a stylist for the Style Counsel app!! You may be asking yourself, what is so inspiring about a stylist, or a Style App…. let me tell you ❤️


“Style Counsel is an app for women to get immediate feedback on their outfits from other women and fashion bloggers.

Not sure if an outfit is right for the office? Or if a dress is too sexy for a first date? Just ask Style Counsel and get immediate and expert advice. Your opinions can also help our users with their style problems – answer real users’ questions and help girls out!

Check us out:

This is what Style Counsel stands for:

Our mission is to make each woman in our community feel confident in how she looks, whether she is going to work, a party or a date. No matter her size, color, style or budget. Traditional fashion magazines have told us that fashion is only for a particular archetype: tall, very thin and very rich. Most women no longer identify with this, which is why women are now following bloggers more and more – because bloggers appear to be real people, living lives that their audiences can realistically aspire to.

We want style, and the confidence that comes with it, to be accessible to anyone who wants it, which is why we have set up a community where women ask all those questions that bug us when we are getting dressed. Not sure if an outfit is appropriate for an interview or for a date? Style Counsel is the place to get genuine and honest feedback, so when you are out, you feel 100% confident in your choice.

The safety of our users comes first, which is why only fashion bloggers and stylists we have approved can comment on the app. We’ve seen the experience that women have had on platforms like Twitter and are determined to be a safe online environment for women. Unlike most technology companies, Style Counsel is ran by women, funded by women and made for women. This is its own uphill battle, but that’s another topic. I think this is why we do things differently, and I think it’s about time.”


Here is a link to a great review Huffington Post gave us in an article about social commerce:

It originated in London but now is fiercely spreading throughout the world as one of the leading style apps. It is helping women feel empowered and beautiful in their own skin, as well as connecting them with reputable stylist across the the world!

Here’s how it works –

1. Download the app,
2. Sign up so you have a username and password
3. Then you upload a picture and ask a question!! There are no dumb questions, so ask away because within a few minutes you will have stylist from all over the world giving you their full attention and expert advice!

So you don’t have to second guess your style decisions anymore, because YOU have the Style Counsel app! Therefore beauties, I’m so excited and honored to work and collaborate with this up-and-coming World renowned style app, Style Counsel. 👉 Their vision and mission completely aligns with my heart and passion to empower and motivate women to know they’re worth and purpose!

I could not be more thrilled with this collaboration. Please go check out the Style Counsel App  ❤️ I will be one of the stylist who is able to give you advice on your fabulous outfits. I cannot wait connect with you in this way, it’s going to be so much fun! I am looking forward to hearing ALL your feedback! I hope you really enjoy this amazing app!!

Love you all!!

Michelle Hammons

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