Klasse14 Watch & Bracelet Review


This watch is so classy and tasteful and literally will go with every outfit. When I had the opportunity to choose the watch that I wanted to review, it was so hard because Klasse14 has so many unique choices. I chose the most classic and traditional one because I wanted a piece that would go with every outfit. However, if you are looking for a watch that is less traditional, then check out Klasse14 because they have some very original and unique pieces.

Klasse14 also sent me a gorgeous bracelet that I absolutely love. I’ve already worn it three times, because of the simplicity of the cut and the words engraved on the top. The bracelet reads “originally unique.” What a great saying to embrace! We are all special, unique and created for a great purpose that only we can accomplish, so having a bracelet that reminds you of your purpose is just a bonus!!


When I received this gorgeous watch, it came in a really pretty package, I loved the graphics on the outside and then when I tried to watch on it seem to be made very well and I liked the face of the watch as well. It is simply beautiful and elegant. However, when I put the watch on it was a little too big. So if you are wanting this watch, or wanting to order a watch with my discount code BEAUTYLIFECOACH I would suggest measuring your wrist and sending your measurements with your order.  But, there’s might not be necessary, because most of the other watches have a band that is adjustable! ❤️



Beauties, I hope you enjoy this review and please let me know what you think about the watch, here are a few more examples of the watches that Klasse14 carries!

Blessings and huge success your way,

Michelle Hammons

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